Our Team


Elizabeth is from Baltimore, Maryland. She’s been writing in the industry for a few years now and opened up Knox Publishing, LLC in the Spring of 2018 for submissions. She’s an international bestselling author who specializes in writing romantic suspense and has been dabbling in the dark and twisted paranormal.

KIM LUBBERS, Content & Copy/line Editor

Kim is a single mother of one with approximately thirty years of experience working as a legal assistant. Although she began reading romance when she was younger, she dove headlong into every novel she could find following the passing of her husband as a way to relax and get out of her own head. Just a few short years later, she was actively reviewing, working as an author’s personal assistant, and participating in beta reader groups and street teams. After the passing of her parents, Kim now lives in her childhood home and still reads and reviews as much as she can between editing projects. Kim has been with Knox Publishing since May of 2019.

DEBBIE DUMKE, Developmental, Content & Copy/line Editor

Debbie is the proud mom to three amazing sons. She’s worked in the mortgage industry for over twenty-five years and edits in her free time. She began her editing journey after 2012 when she began beta and ARC reading for some of her favorite authors. Debbie has been part of Knox Publishing since July of 2020.

JACKIE ZIEGLER, Copy/line Editing & Proofreading

Jackie was born and raised in Hamden, CT. She still lives in the town with her husband of twenty-six years. Jackie has worked in the accounting field her entire life and recently got into a new position with a company as a consultant. Now she’s able to travel from job to job, working on assignments in the accounting field. She started beta and ARC reading for authors about three years ago. In May of 2019 she met Elizabeth Knox at the Rockin’ Romance Readers book signing in Gettysburg, PA. After that weekend Elizabeth approached her about proofreading. Jackie has been with Knox Publishing since June of 2019 and was recently promoted to take copy/line editing as well as proofreading assignments.

AMANDA TABOR, Proofreading Intern

Amanda lives in Kentucky. She’s the engaged mother of two small boys, and is currently a full-time student. She should have her program completed and graduate by June of 2021 in Surgical Technology. In her spare time when she isn’t being a mom, student, cook, maid, doctor, teacher, dry cleaner and chauffeur, she loves to read. Amanda is a huge fan of romance novels and also enjoys movie buffs. She calls herself a sucker for a good suspenseful thriller, but loves horror films. She’s one of the newest members of our team, joining our ranks in June of 2020.

SHANNON CAMERON, Proofreading Intern

Shannon is Canadian and the proud parent of a teenage daughter who makes her laugh every day and helps her remember the goofy child within. She has worked in a variety of industries including: retail home building supplies, accounting & bookkeeping within the commercial fishing industry, and as a goldsmith & jewelry designer.

Shannon’s passions have always leaned towards the creative. She is an artist who works in various mediums. Whether it’s painting landscapes, photography and graphic design, or manipulating metals with fire and jewels, creating things for the enjoyment of herself and others has been the key to her happiness.

This desire to help others combined with her life-long voracious reading habits led to years of BETA and ARC reading for a wide variety of authors spanning the entire spectrum of the romance genre and into the world of editing and proofreading. Shannon is one of the newer additions to the Knox Publishing team, recently joining in July of 2020.

E.C. LAND, Interior Formatting

E.C. Land is from the hills of Virginia. She grew up in the country and has it deep in her bones. As she grew up, if she wasn’t out on the ball field or playing in the woods, she had her nose stuck in a book. Now she writes romantic suspense stories, specializing in MC (motorcycle club) romance. She plans to broaden her writing horizons in the near future and move into other forms of romantic suspense. When she’s not writing, she’s spending time with her husband, three kids, and fur babies. E.C. has been part of Knox Publishing since October of 2018.