Nicola Jane

Nicola Jane was born and raised in Nottinghamshire, England.

She has always loved writing and spent her teenage years escaping into stories that reflected real life.

As she grew up, writing took a backseat and she concentrated on raising her two children.

Her passion for reading romance became an escape from the stresses of everyday life. She began thinking about what she would like to add or change in the books she was reading and then decided to give writing another try.

She wrote down some rough drafts, adding all of those things that she felt she wanted to read about. Then she showed them to her book nerd friends, they loved them and that gave her the confidence to write her first book.

She now juggles life with a husband, two boys and a full-time job as a Teaching Assistant with writing romance stories. She likes stories that make you cry out with outrage and sometimes they can be a bit extreme but this isn’t real life, anything can happen in your head it’s just that she likes to stick it down on paper for everyone to read! Nicola Jane loves positive vibes from her readers and loves to hear from them through social media, so if you love her not so happy ever after stories then get in touch!

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